Our dear friend, Bruce Carlson, passed away in his sleep on the first of June, 2007. He was survived by is father Erhard his mother Gertrude, brothers Thomas (and Theresa) Carlson, Wayne (and Ann) Carlson, as well as his niece Licia (and Jeremiah) Frank, and great nephew Julian Carlson Frank.

Two weeks after his passing, a group of his friends and colleagues met in Cincinnati, a few blocks from where he worked, to swap stories and exchange photos of Bruce. These memories were compiled into a 70 page book for his family, and are available for downloading from my ftp site.

Enjoy these photos and stories, and keep Bruce and his family in your hearts

Download the book by clicking here. When prompted, the user name is his first name, the password his last. both names all lower case.

In order to view the file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download by clicking here.


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