Things about Kim White that most people do not know.

Anyone who has ever seen me shoot pool will love this.

I would never rob the seats of old cars to make a purse.

Before I started my snooty art blog,

I fronted for Archer.

Then I switched to poetry,

then sculpting in glass (Go Broncos!),

then moved to education ("Childhood is a journey...not a race"),

then more education,

My blood is well known to provide a unifying theme for the portrayal of India's struggle between British Imperialism and national pride.

I love clubin'!

I do one hell of a job with makeup,

completely screwed up as a lawyer,

raced bikes,

dabbled in acting,

excelled in real estate,

(why are there so many realtors with my name?)

I have always handled risk well.

Had my stint in Hollywood,

I didn't compile this excellent Triumph motorcycle CD, but wish I had one.




Decimal equivilents

Currency calculator

Language translator


Areal photographs of where you are

Area code list

National weather information

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Ohio Road Map

All things beer (thanks, Randy Moser)

Web resources:

Is it an urban legend?

Is it a virus or a hoax?

Shareware & free software downloads

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Random great things:


My favorite web-based art project

My second-favorite web based art project

The Art-O-Mat

Manhole Covers

From My Friend Brian Albert: Like Shopping on the Streets of NYC

The Greatest Artist Who Ever Lived

See Lance Ride

Celery + Gravity = Art

What Radio should be

Who reads what

David Sedaris


Excellent, General Motorcycle Sites

Rocky Point Cycle: all things stainless & Mikuni for Brit & BMW and they're really, really great guys


Vintage BMW Owners, LTD

Craig Vechorik's excellent vintage BMW site

John Lacko's incredible BMW literature archive

Bob's BMW

Blue Moon Cycle

The New Stuff

Misc BMW links

Moto Guzzi

Cycle Garden

Moto Guzzi Classics

MG Cycle

Harpers Moto Guzzi

The New Stuff


Rask: good old school chop stuff

Brittish Cycle Center, great old brit hardtail frames

As we used to say, Iron Horse

The Motorcycle Modifyer's Registry: some of the really weird stuff

Everything you never hoped to see in a ratbike

The Chop Shop: an excellent chopper list server


Brittish Only

Baxter Cycle

Walridge Motor


Brittish USA

Dave Quinn specializes in '60's & '70's Triumphs

Norman White's fine Norton race components

Turn your old Commando into a new on with Colorado Norton Works

MAP Cycle, supplier of trick engine bits for your Triumph or Norton

Brit Iron, the excellent British bike list server

International Norton Owners Association


The Mighty Mitsubitsi Silver Pigeon



Ground-pounding Harley Davidson Hummers

Anything for your H-D 45

Kiwi Indian

Michael Breeding's Indian Page

Parts & Material

Superb engine building and cylinder lining

Order any kind of metal online, no order too small

Evan Wilcox's Incredible Aluminum fabrication

Joe Hunt magnetos

Morris Magnetos

Misc. Biker Info

American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association

The notorious Buffalo Chip Campground

The wonderful Ecomobile

Bikeweek, Dayton

The even more notorious Hell's Angels (yes, they have a website

The Devil's Staircase Hillclimb info

The Dakar Rally webcast: start your year with a bang!

Aircraft and Automobiles:

The Yankee Air Force: dedicated to historic aircraft. The links page has it all.

My Dad's Car Can Beat Up Your Dad's Car.